Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gudbye..... the title says..gudbye to Malaysia...Gudbye to Kale Kubo..huhu..I'm going back to Adelaide, start my second year.. It gonna get tougher than mesti rajin dh pasni! kerja makin bnyk dh..ish3...anyway, akhrny dh jd senior dh..haha

Em..there were so much enjoyable momments when I was home..huhu..gonna miss all the stuff...Now I have to start study again..xleh main2 doh..

Well, my flight is today...3pm from Pengkalan Chepa, n then 11pm from LCCT heading to Perth...stay kt rumah aso dulu pastu 27/2 bru btolak blik Adelaide..hope for a safe journey..n slmt smpai kt Adelaide..

Gudbye Kale Kubor....