Sunday, November 9, 2008


Alhamduillah...lasty..I finished my last asgmnt for this year! :) need to submit it tomorow before 2pm..Still haven't print it though..

hahaha..dunno wat to say..hepi!!! :D finish my first year.hopefully i'll get good results, as long as I pass sudey...hehe..can enjoy kjap pasni!

erm...anyway, I went to see the Christmas parade yesterday..quite fun, lots of people gathering at the city..I was so looking foward to see it la...smlm first time tgk bnda gitu..ore darak gak,nok wak gano..hehe..mostly, there are children around..duk conteng2, lukis ats jalan ngn kapur.. suke lah tu dorg..around 10am, parade tu smpai kt north terrace..I thought there only few kereta berhias je, but bnyk sgt2...yela..dr kul 10 smpai kul 12 parade tu saje..2 hours standing there just looking at the parade..Really2 fun! mcm2 jenis ad..disney characters ad jgk such as cinderella, snow white and so on.....waa! best2! no wonder ramai sgt budak2 ms tu..hehe

Here I show a few pictures that I captured during the parade..


Fakrul Radzi said...

smakin menjadi2 skill photography ko..hehe..

Puloh said... main amk je gmbr2 ni..hehe

liL' amiRaH said...

cantek cantek....(~_~)